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Getting a blemish-free and glowing skin means you’d have to address your skin problems specifically. Every skin has different needs. Korean Beauty is the first Korean Skincare Consultant who can give you a professional’s insight about your skin type. Also we provide Korean beauty products for wholesale price. 

Knowing what your skin really needs makes it easier for you to fill in the gaps and treat your skin.

The Korean Beauty is sub depertment of Travigeon(www.travigeon.com) and all the products you are getting from us is authentic and high-quality skin care products.

Aside from that, The Korean Beauty gives you Korean Skin Care Products that first perfectly with your skin’s daily hydration, pH, and nutrient needs. 

It doesn’t end there, The Korean Beauty also provides easy to understand instructions for each of the skincare products that are recommended to you. Korean Skincare products are mostly written in Korean (Hangul). This way, you can still use the Korean Skincare Product correctly to help you with your skin problem. 

With the number of Korean Skincare Products available in the market, finding the skin care product that is perfect for you is almost impossible. 

We make your impossible, possible. Our Head Skin Care Consultant Angella Park has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years already. 

With her years of experience, she had already worked with different types of skin and have given them a healthy glow.  

The Korean Beauty is the first of its kind who offers a Korean Beauty Consultation to give your skin the Korean glow you have always wanted. 

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