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With the massive brands of Korean Skincare out in the market, it’s challenging to find the product that fits your skin type. 

The Korean Beauty is a Beauty Consultant who provides a personalized Korean Skincare Consultation. We’ll help you determine your skin type, and which Korean Skincare Products work with it best. We’ll also create a skincare routine just for you.

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Each skin type demands different needs that need to be addressed, we have a FREE Consultation to help you determine your skin type. 

We are experienced in providing Korean Skin Care Product recommendations that can boost and develop your skin’s health.

Most instructions from Korean Skincare Products are written in Korean (Hangul). Don’t worry, we’ll give you easy to understand instructions. 

We’ll help you create your own Korean Skincare Routine to ensure that your skin will look at healthy and blemish-free. 

Why You Need a Skin Care Consultation before Using Korean Beauty Products?

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Angella is a Korea Skincare and Cosmetics Expert. She's also the CEO of the 99 Salon Skincare Clinic and the Branch Manager of Orgahue. Aside from that, Angella also has a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine.At an early age, she started working with her mom and is already in the beauty industry for over 10 years. She firmly believes that good skincare should be naturally healthy and long-lasting.
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