10-Step Korean Skincare Morning Routine: Your Road to a Healthy Glowing Skin

Korean Skin Care Routines have reached the top of the pedestal. Almost everyone wants to try it out mainly because people who have tried this routine, gave their skin that beautiful glow. If you want to try it for yourself but don’t know where to start, this Korean Skin Care Morning Routine guide is perfect for you. 

What is the Korean Morning Skin Care Routine?

This is a skincare routine which is focused on giving ample time for your skin to give it an ageless, hydrated, and youthful glow— skincare and beauty routine that most Koreans practice. Koreans take their time to make sure that they look good and presentable to the people. For Koreans, spending at least an hour or more every week on their skin is an investment that can highly benefit you. 
By spending that much time for yourself, you will get a skin that’s healthy both inside and out. However, this beauty regimen also involves eating the right kind of food and getting enough rest, which is both a huge factor for making your skin beautiful.

 The Lady Who Started it All

This all started with the Korean Model and Actress Lee Sa Bi, who presented her morning and evening skincare products and routine during her interviews. This encouraged people to try her beauty secrets, as the model herself has an age-defying and flawless skin. You might want to thank her for introducing us to her beauty secret. 

10 Steps for the Korean Morning Skin Care Routine

Step #1: Clean Your Face with an Oil-Based Cleanser

The very first step for this morning routine (or any skincare routine) is to cleanse your skin. It may look clean and pristine right now, but trust me, tiny dust particles, leftover make-ups, and oils dwell in there. It certainly isn’t wise to apply the healthy things if your pores are being blocked by these things. 

It’s highly suggested that you use oil-based cleansers rather than the water-based cleansers. It has been proven that oil-based cleansers work better in cleaning your skin rather than the water-based ones.

Grab a piece of a cotton ball, dab it to the product, and spread it all over your skin. You can use more cotton balls if the situation calls for it. After applying the cleanser to your face, you can then rinse it off using lukewarm water

Step #2: Remove Dirt Residues with a Foam or Water-Based Cleanser

Although oil-based cleansers work very well in cleaning your face, it doesn’t guarantee a full-coverage in cleaning your face. Most of the time, there are still going to be dirt residues. Through using a foam or water-based cleanser, you can ensure that the leftover impurities are gone. This is a method commonly known as double cleansing. Massage the product all over your face for about a minute, then rinse it off with water. 

Step #3: Eliminate Dead Skin Cells with an Exfoliant

Now that your skin is well cleaned, it’s time to dispose of the dead skin cells through exfoliation. This process should only be done once or twice a week (if you have sensitive skin). To get started, grab your Exfoliant, apply it on your face, and gently massage it in a circular motion as you go over your chin and cheeks, your temples and the sides of your nos, then rinse it off.

Warning: Do NOT massage your face roughly, or it may damage your healthy skin cells too. 

Step #4: Rehydrate Your Skin with a Toner

The process of exfoliating your skin can severely dry out your skin and even mess with your skin’s pH levels. To replenish the lost moisture and bring your pH level back to normal, apply a toner. Aside from rehydrating your skin, it can also help you get rid of the dirt residues in your skin. 

To start with this step, grab your toner, pour an ample amount of it on a cotton pad or your hands, apply it on your face, then gently apply it on your face on an outward motion. 

Step #5: Add More Hydration with an Essence

If you have an Essence (a mix of serum and toner) now would be a great time to use this. Take a small amount of essence (about the size of a button) and apply it on your newly toned-skin.

Step #6: Apply Serums or Korean Ampoules

Boosters, Korean Ampoules, and Face Serums are the more concentrated version of Essences. ‘It’s used to deal with skin problems such as large pores, wrinkles, dull and dry skin, as well as skin pigmentations. To get started, take a small amount of skin essence and apply it on your skin. After doing so, grab an ampoule and massage it all over your face for about a minute. 

Step #7: Use Sheet Masks to Give Your Skin Some Vitamins

After applying the serums, which is more of a treatment for your skin, it’s time to give your skin the vitamin it needs to keep it healthy. Sheet Masks are filled with these vitamins, which will be absorbed by your skin. Use the sheet for about 15 – 20 minutes. Don’t worry since you can use it while you do other things such as working or watching the television. The great thing about sheet masks is that you don’t need to rinse it afterward.

Step #8: Hydrate Your Eye Area with an Eye Cream

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but the area around your eyes is a very sensitive area which calls for a couple more hydration. To get started, grab a small amount of eye cream and apply on your eye area without getting it to touch your water line. Do NOT rub the product, just simply dab it. Do this step on both your morning and night routine to make your eyes look brighter and younger. 

Step #9: Seal with a Face Cream

Seal all of the moisture and nutrients with a face cream. It can be in the form of a lotion, gel, or emulsions. To do this, grab a good amount of face cream and pat it on your neck and face every morning. 

Step #10: Protect your skin from UV Rays

If you’re going to step out of your house, make sure that you have applied sunscreen on your skin. The reason for this is that the harsh UV rays stresses your skin out, which will then result in skin-aging. If you want to keep your skin young and fresh-looking, do not forget nor skip this step. 


The road to getting that healthy and beautiful Korean skin glow is long. You surely don’t get the results that you want right after you apply these products (or else that would require magic). What you can expect though, are small changes as time goes by, but don’t get discouraged. It takes a lot of patience before you get that glow. Give your skin the time and attention that it should be getting, and you’ll see just how much your skin will improve. So grab your Korean skincare essentials and start your day with an excellent Korean skincare morning routine.