Best Korean Eye Creams To Use For Puffiness and Dark Circles

Best Korean Eye Creams To Use For Puffiness and Dark Circles

Searching for the best Korean Eye Creams in the Korean market can be tough. Especially if you’re completely new to Korean Skincare. 

We have created a list of Korean eye creams that you can use if you have a dark eye circle. 

Why dark eye circle needs an eye cream

The area under your eye where dark eye circle and puffiness occurs is a very thin and sensitive part. It can get dry and easily damaged.

If you have dark circles, this means it needs moisture. Eye creams should be vert hydrating to help you restore and revitalize that unfortunate dark patch on your skin. 

5 Best Korean Eye Creams For Dark Eye Circles 

1. Rejuvenating Eye Cream by Sulwhasoo

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Price: $63.00

This eye cream is one of Sulwhasoo’s best selling eye product because it has everything that you want to have in an eye cream. Sulwhasoo’s Rejuvenating Eye Cream can revitalize and revive the skin around your eye area. It also deeply moisturizes your skin. 

Texture-wise the cream is not too dry, making it easier to spread and apply around the area under your eyes. It also contains a ton lot of antioxidants that can protect your skin from free-radicals that speeds up your skin aging process. 

It’s important that the cream that you apply surrounding your area strong enough to protect your skin from potential harm but should be gentle enough not to damage your skin.

2. Secret Programming Eye Cream by S u:m 37 

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Price: $49.99

This eye cream from Su:m 37 is rich acids coming from sugar sourced from various fruits and plants. It also contains microorganisms that kill harmful bacteria and allows the good bacteria to live on. The product itself contains microorganisms since it is fermented, it won’t harm your skin in any way. 

It has a moisturizing effect on your skin. It also contains antioxidants that revitalize your unhealthy skin around your eye area. 

Additionally, it also blurs out fine lines and wrinkles, giving you smooth and younger-looking skin. 

3. Snail Solution Eye Cream by Nature Republic

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Price: $23.00

Nature Republic’s dark eye circle cream is a bit similar to Su:m 37, which uses fermented ingredients. However, it also contains Hyaluronic Acid. Don’t worry, Hyaluronic Acid will not harm your skin. It locks in the moisture on the area where it is applied, making it a great ingredient for treating dark eye circles.

This eye cream doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or coloring that can harm your skin, which is perfect for those who have dry and sensitive skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that remove puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. 

4. Fermentation Eye Cream by BENTON

Creams for Puffiness

Price: $17.00

Another Korean Eye Cream that can get rid of your dark circles is the fermented eye cream from Benton. It contains around 70% of Snail Mucin. If you’re unfamiliar with snail mucin, it contains Hyaluronic Acid and is deeply hydrating.

It can ease the puffiness around your eye area and can get rid of your dark spots. This eye cream also contains antioxidants that soothe the skin. It also works well for people with have dry and oily skin. Additionally, it doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance and coloring, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. 

5. Yeux Ginseng Descargot by It’s Skin Prestige

Creams for Dark Circles

Price: $33.90

This eye cream from It’s Skin Prestige is different from the products mentioned above on this list because it’s the only one that’s best applied at night. It has a buttery and creamy texture and is also a bit airy at the same time. It’s also not sticky when applied on the skin, contrasting to most eye creams. 

It contains antioxidants that protect your skin from harmful elements such as UV rays. It prevents your skin from having skin irritations that lead to acne breakouts. It’s also deeply hydrating and is rich in vitamins, that revitalizes your puffy and dark eye-circle. It also contains proteins that remove fine lines.

6. New Moistfull Collagen from Etude House

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Price: $14.90

The last (but certainly not the least) to make it on our list is the New Moistfull Collagen from Etude House. This cream has a very soft and silky texture, which makes it easier to apply to your skin. The cream contains bits and particles of collagen that can significantly add moisture to your skin. 

It’s made with New Aqua Stream Complex, which works as a collagen and water supplier. The cream also contains antioxidants that protect your skin from the harmful elements from our environment. The cream is also very relaxing due to its subtle tangerine scent. 


Remember, the skin around your eye area is very thin and sensitive. It’s prone to skin damages, so if you want to have healthy and glowing skin, you should take care of this part by using the best Korean eye creams for your dark circles listed above.