7 Reasons Why You Should Try Using Korean Skincare Products

Have you ever tried using Korean skincare products? Korean skincare has caused a ripple in the skincare community. For the most part, people have observed that skincare products are noticeably cheaper than what they’re used to. Others have found that Korean Skincare works well with their skin type. Through all of these reasons, there are still skeptics saying that they’re not as effective as most people say. 

Korean Skincare has made it to the global market because people found it both effective and affordable. 

What is Korean Skincare Products ?

This is the skincare that most Korean women use in their daily lives. Korean Skincare is embedded in their culture, and in return, they get a blemish-free, beautiful, healthy skin. This skincare routine is more on giving your skin hydration and nutrients it needs. 

It involves a lengthy skincare routine such as a 10-step Korean Skincare Routine and a 5-Step one. 

You may think that the routine is too long, and you won’t ever see yourself doing it. After reading this entire article, your point of view for the Korean skincare routine may completely change. 

But before we dive in entirely with why you should do it. Let’s first discuss how this particular skincare routine has reached the Global Market.

What Makes the Korean Skincare Products Very Popular ? 

1. It highlights skin as a priority

One of the things that made Korean Skincare Products popular is it highlights your skin as a priority. Contrasting to what we commonly know about skincare, where you should start doing it when lines and blemishes appear, the Korean skincare one focuses on preventing the problems from emerging. Talk about prevention is better than cure!

Korean beauty products are packed with nutrients and moisturizers that will help your skin stay looking fresh and blemish-free.

2. Gives an ideal no-make-up look

Having a beautiful natural look without using any make-up is deemed as beautiful. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful, right? In fact, you’re here because you want to look your good. 

Although we still need to wear make-up, taking care of our skin still plays a huge part. After all, your skin is the canvass for your make-up. 

This Korean beauty regimen develops what you currently have and improves it to make you the best version of yourself. Its goal is to give you naturally beautiful skin. Which is why the products that are used for this skincare routine focuses on giving you healthy skin so you won’t need make-up to cover up any blemishes.  

3. Influencers and social media made it big

This is the most significant factor that contributes to the Korean Skincare Product boom. Almost every people today own a social media account, people can easily connect to anyone from anywhere in the world. 

Contents from influencers and their positive feedback towards the Korean Beauty Products made a mark on their followings. Their followers get interested in it and urge them to try Korean beauty products.

Once people were trying the products out and found it fitting for their skin, they shared with their family and friends. Thus, Korean Skincare spread like wildfire.

Why You Should Try Using Korean Skincare Products ?

Reason #1: They’re Very Affordable

One of the reasons why Korean Skincare Products skyrocketed as soon as it arrived at the Global Market is its cost. Our usual skincare products cost twice or thrice the price of these Korean Skincare Products. The worst thing about our usual skincare product is that it left us questioning whether the product really worked.

Korean Beauty Products, on the other hand, costs half (or lower) the price of our own products— and they work just the same (if not better). If you’re wondering why these beauty products work very well but don’t cost much, this is due to the Korean Market. 

In Korea, there are a lot of businesses that offer similar products with the same or better perks. The competition is very high in Korea that they lower the price, or people won’t buy their products.

Our usual brands, on the other hand, can be very costly, some of our beauty products may even cost more than a hundred dollars. 

The Korean face masks are one great example. The Korean face mask can cost only $2 but works as great as what we buy in our local beauty shop. The best thing about these is it brings the same (or even better) results with our regular face mask. 

Reason #2: They Use Natural Ingredients (Including the Weird Ones)

One way or another, we know that our skincare uses chemicals. This is the reason why some of us flock to organic make-up and skincare products. Even if we know that organic products are more expensive than what we commonly use, we still buy them. 

The same goes for Korean skincare products. These products are very affordable, and they use natural ingredients to help amplify their skin’s glow. Some Korean products use strange raw materials that you may not think of using ever such as Fermented Ingredients and Snail Mucus, but you’ll be surprised that it works very well on the skin. 

Snail mucus, for example, is extremely hydrating. It can keep your skin’s moisture on a healthy level. It can also keep your skin young as it wards off harmful UV rays and free radicals. Both of these can speed up your skin’s aging.

Korean skincare products use these safe ingredients, process them, and maximize its capabilities to give our skin a glow that we want. 

Reason #3: Support the Korean Philosophy: Skin Comes First Before Make-up

Although Korean is also known for the natural-looking make-up, which is composed of a lot of products, they still make their skin a huge priority. 

At a very young age, Koreans are already taught to take care of their skin by their parents. For them, one of the things that can make them beautiful is the skin. 

The first thing that people notice when they see you is your skin. If you have an even skin tone, which is also blemish-free, then you’re beautiful. This is why they really take it into consideration to spend time and money for their skin to look good. 

Second is that, if you have good skin even without make-up, then you certainly will look good wearing one. Make-up is a beauty enhancer. It amplifies that beauty that you already have. 

For Koreans, make-up is only a springboard to boost their beauty. It’s the skin that really matters. For your skin to be called beautiful, it has to be healthy and well moisturized. 

Reason #4: It Caters To Every Type of Skin

Most of our skincare products cater only to those who have dry or oily skin. We can only name brands that provide a skincare product for those who have a sensitive or combination skincare, which is pretty unfair. The last time I checked, we all need a product to keep our skin healthy and well-moisturized. 

Think of your skincare products as your skin’s daily food intake. If you don’t give your skin the daily nutrients it needs, it won’t be healthy. This means that your skin will be dull and dry— and we don’t want that. 

Our goal is to have an even, blemish-free, healthy skin that glows. Every skin type is entitled to have it.

Korean Skincare Products has a lot of variations when it comes to catering to different skin types. You can easily find a product that your skin actually needs. 

They have skincare products that aids in what your skin really needs. For this reason alone, more and more people are switching to Korean skincare products.

Reason #5: They’re Very Innovative

Skincare is embedded and a part of the Korean Culture, which is why you shouldn’t be surprised by the skincare product innovations, Koreans develop every year. What we have formerly known with make-up and beauty products is that they’re only for giving more color to our face as well as for covering our blemishes up. But Koreans created make-up that can protect your skin while wearing make-up.

As stated before, the Korean Skincare Industry in Korea is very competitive. This is the reason why Koreans in the skincare beauty industry feel the need to keep on releasing new kinds of products to keep their market interested. This also brings us back to Reason #2, where Koreans use Snail Mucus as an ingredient for taking care of our skin. 

Who would’ve thought that Snail Mucus had such properties? Koreans. Up until today, Koreans are still looking for ways to help make our skin healthy. 

This ensures that the product that you use for your skin is going to keep on improving. 

Reason #6: Makes You Look Forward to Your Next Application

One may think that applying skincare routines can be very draining. Especially if it has at least 5 – 18 steps, every day. Think of it, you just got home, and you’re exhausted. You want to rest, but you have to do your skincare routine. Isn’t that mentally and physically draining? But with your Korean Skincare products, this won’t happen.

You’ll even be looking forward to the next skincare routine. Koreans make it very fun to apply this skincare routine. They make the packaging fun, cute, and interesting. Aside from that, they also smell really good. Some of their skincare products smell kind of fruity while some are very sweet, so you’ll be eager to do your routine for the next application. 

Korean Skincare Products make it seem as if your skincare routine is a tiring daily task. They want to make sure that you will find yourself very relaxed during your application. Additionally, you’ll be very glad to know that this fun and sweet-smelling skincare products are made from the finest raw ingredients. 

Remember Korean Philosophy? Skincare comes first. This is why they want to make sure that the quality of the products they’re going to produce is good. 

Reason #7: Promotes Self Love and is Extremely Relaxing

Lastly, it gives you some me-time. You may not care about this, but it is very important. 

Sometimes we get too drowned out with the things we should be completing that we forget even to eat. Which can greatly harm our health? Korean Skincare routine, such as the 10-step Korean skincare routine, reminds us that we need to spend time for ourselves. 

Not only will this skincare routine make you feel good and relaxed, but it can also be a form of de-stressing. Imagine yourself being exhausted abd you want to sleep, but you have to do your skincare routine, so you comply with the routine. Then you feel the cool sheet of facemask on your skin, and it smells really good. 

Now, isn’t that just very relaxing? This is also one of the reasons why more and more people are trying the Korean Skincare routine out. 


There are a lot more reasons why you should try Korean skincare products. They’re affordable, they work very well with the different skin types, and most of all, it allows you to give yourself some me-time. Korean skincare is all about making your skin healthy. So make sure you spare some time for yourself. Give your skin some love. Address the problems your skin currently has, and maintain smooth, flawless, and healthy skin.