Consultation For Skin Care ?

Why You Need a Skin Care Consultation before Using Korean Beauty Products?

Having a generic Korean skincare routine won’t make your skin look healthy and blemish-free.

Today, creating your own skincare routine that will give you a healthy and glowing skin sounds like a very easy task. You can just look it up on the internet, and you’ll find hundreds of sources which will tell you the exact same thing. But in reality, having a generic Korean skincare routine won’t make your skin glow.

Each skin type is different, with a specific set of needs that needs to be addressed. If you wish to have beautiful skin, you’d have to use products that cater to what your skin needs explicitly. Not every product in the market is going to work for you.

There are 3 general rules that can be applied to every skin type, and these are:

1) Skin Cleansing

2) Sunscreen and Sunblock Application

3) Skin Moisturizer

Although using these skincare products can make your skin better, it won’t yield the same results like the ones where a specific skin problem is targeted.

This is where most of our problems start to branch out. We use a generic skincare routine with hopes of making our skin healthy and beautiful. Then reality hits you, with over months of applying your daily skincare routine, your skin doesn’t give you the results you’ve been aiming to have.