Korean Red Ginseng Skin Care

Korean Red Ginseng Skin Care Products and Its Benefits to the Skin

Not a lot of us know what Korean Red Ginseng Skin Care Products are and what benefits does it bring to our skin. We know Red Ginseng from herbal capsules and food supplements, but does it really have benefits for our skin?

Korean Red Ginseng Skin Care Products prevents skin aging and rejuvenates our skin on the process. It is also deeply hydrating, giving your skin the moisture it needs daily. 

What Is Korean Red Ginseng? 

Korean Ginseng comes from the roots of a short slow-growing plant. Its root has a long slender shape that slightly resembles that of a human body.

It’s also a popular superfood packed with minerals, vitamins, essential nutrients, and antioxidants, which provides a huge benefit for your health. 

Korean Red Ginseng has two variants, the white and the red one, but don’t be confused. Both variants come from the same plant. The name only differs, depending on how the Ginseng is prepared. 

The powdered or dried root of this Korean Ginseng plant is called the White Ginseng. 

However, once the Korean Ginseng plant is steamed and dried under the heat of the sun (or just any heat), it is going to be called Red Ginseng. 

The difference between the two ginseng is Red Ginseng is more stimulating and stronger in the body than White Ginsengs. 

Ginseng had long been used by the Chinese centuries ago. It was used as both medicine and tonic and was labeled as one of their ‘Superior’ herbs. It is said to provide vitality and longevity to the person who drinks it. 

Korean Red Ginseng has a lot of health benefits. 

Additionally, it’s rich in antioxidants and can improve your memory retention, boost your immune system, sharpen your memory, as well as lower your blood sugar level. 

But today we’ll shy away from the health benefits and will be focusing on the benefits it has for our skin. 

What Are the Skin Benefits of Korean Red Ginseng?

  • Prevents from Skin Aging

Korean Red Ginseng is packed with antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and UV rays. Free radicals steal electrons from your skin. With the missing electrons from your skin, which leads to early skin aging.

Antioxidants create a protective layer on your skin to make sure it is protected from harmful elements that may damage it. 

Aside from Antioxidants, Ginsengs also contain high amounts of B1, also known as Thiamin, that removes toxins from your skin. With the toxins out of your body, the healthy circulation of your body is restored, giving you a healthy glowing skin. 

  • Prevents Acne Breakouts 

Aside from B1 and Antioxidants, Red Ginseng also contains B2, which we commonly know as Riboflavin. It’s an essential vitamin for people who experience Acne breakouts as it regulates the mucus section on your pores, to prevent dirt and dead skin cells from blocking it.

Aside from that, it can also moisturize your skin. If you have dry skin or cracked lips, Korean Red Ginseng can totally help you. 

  • Regulates the Production of Skin Pigments B12

Red Ginseng also contains Vitamin B12, commonly known as Cobalamin. This Vitamin is assigned to regulate the pigment production of your skin, such as pigmentation, dark spots, and acne marks. 

Whenever we have scars and skin blemishes, our brain sends a signal to produce collagen to heal it. 

Sometimes, we produce collagen much more than what we need. This will result in thicker and darker skin in the treated area. Vitamin B12 ensures that the production of collagen is just right. 

  • Stimulates a Quick Cell Turnover via Increased Oxygenation

Red Ginseng can enhance the oxygen circulation on your skin. As we get older, our oxygenating capacity declines, which explains why our skin becomes saggy and wrinkly as we age. 

Korean Red Ginseng can restore the amount of oxygen in our body needed to regulate the oxygenation in your body. With the restored oxygenation, repairing and revitalizing your skin cells will also be easier.

It can also speed up the turnover of cells on your skin, giving you a healthy and glowing skin. 

  • The Polysaccharides Tightens Your Skin 

Red Ginseng also contains Polysaccharides which provide more oxygen for your skin, lifts, and tightens it on the process. 

Additionally, as we age, our skin gets loose, and if we don’t do anything about it, it will create fine lines and wrinkles. Red Ginseng can help you since it contains Polysaccharides which makes your skin tight and firm. 

Top 3 Products Korean Red Ginseng Skincare Products

Ginseng Skin Care

A lightweight moisturizing essence which balances the pH of your skin and hydrates it on the process. 

Price: $55.00

Ginseng Skin Care

This sleeping mask is packed with ginseng that moisturizes your skin, reduces its wrinkles, and brightens it on the process. 

Price: $52.85

Ginseng Skin Care

A traditional Korean cream that repairs your skin to remove any visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and loose skin. 

Price: $46.26 


Korean Red Ginseng boosts your immune system, improve your memory, and also protects your skin from potential danger. Red Ginseng also rejuvenates your skin to restore its youthful glow.