Why Using Korean Skincare Essence is a Crucial Step in Your Skincare Routine

Why Using Korean Skincare Essence is a Crucial Step Routine

Korean Skincare Essence is a Crucial Step Routine. We all want to have a healthy, smooth, and silky skin. We are willing to spend our money to buy different skincare regimen because we all want to have that healthy glowing skin.

Korean Skincare Essence can significantly contribute in making your skin healthy with even skincare tone. People who have combination or sensitive skin and are doubtful whether essences work— don’t. There are several types of Korean Essence which cater to all skin types.

What Exactly is Korean Skincare Essence?

Applying skincare Essence is a crucial step in following a Korean skincare routine. However, defining skincare essence can be quite confusing. 

Skincare essence is not a serum, moisturizer or toner; however, Essence and serums are close relatives. One noticeable difference between the two is its weight against our skin. Skincare Essence is much lighter than serums.

There are several types of skincare essences to deal with the main problems for each skin type. 

For those that have normal skin type— congratulations! You can use any kind of Essence to your heart’s content. For people with oily skin, use moisturizing essences that are lightweight to avoid a build-up of grease on your skin. 

For those who have dry skin, use the deeply hydrating essences to make up for the dryness of your skin. People who have a combination of skin need essences that are both deeply hydrating and lightweight to balance out everything. 

Why You Should Use a Korean Skincare Essence

Essences from Korea can sound strange for people around the world who are not used on this kind of skincare product. However, with the rise of Korean skincare on the global market, it has made a ripple on the beauty and skincare community. 

Essences are rich in active vitamins that can enhance your skin. Additionally, it can significantly improve your skin condition. 

Korean Essence can compensate for the lacking nutrients our skin needs. It also works for treating dry skin, pigmentation, and getting rid of wrinkles.

Here are 4 Korean Skincare Essence Recommendation

1. Mineral Treatment Essence by Cremorlab

Korean Skincare Essence

This Mineral Treatment Essence from Cremorlab works best for people with normal, combination, and oily skin. It brightens your skin and moisturizes it during the process. Additionally, it can give you a soft and silky skin by closing your pores. 

This Essence has a watery texture. It contains rose water to give your skin a soothing effect. People who have used this Essence find the product hydrating and have helped them achieve the smooth and silky skin they have always dreamed of.

2. Water Volume EX First Essence by Mizon

Korean Skincare Essence

This water volume EX first essence from Mizon is very hydrating on the skin, and it works for all skin types. It contains sunflower oil, which locks the moisture on your skin, thus give you a skin hydrating effect. This Essence doesn’t clog your pores. Additionally, it contains skin brightening agents that evens your skin out. 

This Essence has a clear and watery texture. It also has the power to lock the moisture on your skin to prevent it from drying out. Keeping it well hydrated and smooth all throughout the day. 

3. Raw Sauce by May Coop

This Essence from May Coop can be found on Sephora’s shelves. The Essence contains a maple tree sap, which is nourishing and extremely moisturizing on the skin. It also contains antioxidants that protect your skin from air pollution, which prevents your skin from aging faster. Additionally, it also helps prevent wrinkle and fine-line formation. 

This Essence works best for those who have normal, oily, dry, and combination skin; but doesn’t work well on people who have sensitive skin. It has a silky and watery texture that doesn’t easily drip. It’s also not sticky. Additionally, it has a mild and subtle sweet maple scent that you’ll definitely love.

4. Natural Pure Essence by Tosowoong Propolis

Korean Skincare Essence

This Essence from Tosowoong Propolis works best for people that have a natural, oily, dry, and combination skin. However, like Raw Sauce from May Coop, it also doesn’t work well for those who have sensitive skin. This Essence from Tosowoong Propolis contains green tea that balances your skin and protects it from air pollution. Due to its green tea extract ingredient, this essence contains antioxidants that prevent skin aging. 

Additionally, it contains Vitamin E, which brightens and hydrates your skin. This Essence also contains witch hazel, an anti-inflammatory which can also reduce pores. An excellent way to prevent acne breakouts. This Essence is a clear gel-type that’s close to a syrup’s texture. It also has a sweet, subtle honey scent. 


Having beautiful skin can take some time. Korean Skincare Essences can help you get healthy and smooth skin much faster than you expect. The time for this may vary for every skin. However, it’s a great way to keep your skin healthy. The best thing about essences is it doesn’t cost a lot.