Korean Skincare 101: Understanding Korean Skin Whitening

When we think of Korean Skin Whitening, we immediately think of skin brightening and whitening creams. Unfortunately, Korea Skin Whitening Products are anything but that.

The Real Definition of Korean Skin Whitening

f you’re a fan of Korean Skin Care Routines, there’s a huge chance that you have stumbled upon a skin whitening cream. You may have also automatically assumed that these skin whitening cream from Korea are for skin bleaching. Wrong.

Although your current understanding of products that can whiten skin is not wrong for some countries, the Korean Skin Care is not about skin lightening. It’s more about getting healthy, soft, and glowing skin. Skin free of dead skin cells and acne scars.

How Do You Get A Korean Skin?

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Today, our planet is not as cool as it used it to be. Combining the Earth’s extreme heat with prolonged exposure can result in dull and dry skin. Aside from that, it can also result in hyperpigmentation. This is where some patches and parts of your skin darkens while other parts remain the same. Let’s not forget about our long-time friend acne scars and sunspots. 

Most of these skin problems are caused by excessive melanin in our skin. This is where these Korean skincare products come in. These products are rich in licorice-root extract, vitamin C, and even mulberry extracts which are known for their ability to break down melanin clusters. This will result in smoother and clearer skin. 

With your real skin whitening products such as lotions, creams, and serums, the melanin breakdown doesn’t happen. Plus, the skin tone lightening agents will present within these products. These skin whitening products have several harmful effects on our skin if used in excess — diseases such as bacterial skin infections and even skin cancer. 

Korean skincare, on the other hand, is a much safer choice.


These Korean skincare products are mostly made with all-natural ingredients. Koreans want healthy and luminous skin, and putting harmful chemicals in it, is not how you’re going to get that ideal Korean Skin.

Top 5 Korean Skin Whitening Recommended Products (from Amazon)

1.Ultra Potent Whitening Serum from Admire My Skin

The first Korean beauty brand to make it to our list is the Admire My Skin’s Ultra Potent Whitening Serum. This serum has also secured the top spot with Amazon’s Top Ranking Korean Whitening Skin Products. 

The whitening serum is known for its melasma and dark spot correcting ability. Admire My Skin’s claim is that it can treat melasma within four weeks of using the serum— and it can. If you look through the page’s comment section, you could see a number of customers who are grateful for what the serum has done to them.

2. Fermented Skin Brightening and Whitening Tone-up Cream by Oneday Whitener

The second product to make it to our list is a Skin Brightening and Whitening Tone-up Cream made by Oneday Whitener. This cream is made from Naturally fermented products. Not only will this cream gives you smooth skin due to its moisturizing capabilities. This cream can also help you tighten your skin. If you have observed that your skin is not as healthy and tight as before, this cream is perfect for you. 

In addition to that, this cream is also Hypo-Allergenic. This means that the product can be used, even by those who have sensitive skin. 

3. Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack from Baviphat

This third product is a sleeping mask. If you’re not familiar with a sleeping mask, these masks work like your regular sheet masks in terms of its vitamins and moisturizing properties. One of the main difference is that sleeping masks are worn overnight while your sheet masks are used for only a few minutes. Aside from that, sleeping masks are in gel form, not sheets. 

The Lemon Whitening Sleeping Pack from Baviphat is rich in Vitamin C from Lemon Extracts. Perfect for treating hyperpigmentation. Aside from its very cute packaging, the product also comes with a spatula to make the application for the product, a lot easier.

4. Natural Skin Lightening Serum (with Kojic Acid) from Pureauty Naturals

Just like the first product we mentioned, this skin lightening serum can also treat dark spots, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. It contains green tea extract which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that can help protect your skin. 

The product is made from high-grade natural ingredients. This is to make sure that the products will be able to give your skin the best results.

5. Brightening Cream from Sulwhasoo Snowise

The last Korean skin whitening product to make it on this list is a brightening cream from Sulwhasoo Snowise. This set comes with five pieces of 5ml sample bottles. The cream is made out of a Traditional Korean called White Lily. These herbs can help you brighten and hydrate your skin to shield it against the harmful UV rays that can dry your skin out. 

How to Keep Your Skin’s Natural Glow

  • Never Forget About Your Daily Sunscreen

Whenever you’re going out, you’re most likely going to be hit by UV rays. These UV rays can severely damage your healthy skin cells. If you want your Korean Whitening Skin Care Routine to work, then, you should protect against the harmful UV rays.

  • Skincare Should Be Your Highest Priority

If you really want that soft and glowing Korean Skin, you have to make sure that you give your skin, all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Is it exfoliated? How about its hydration level? 

  • Stick With Your Skincare Routine

Getting your ideal Korean skin, is not as easy as getting a glass of water from the fridge. Skincare takes time— lots of it. If you’re still on your first week, expect to get only little changes. Remember, small changes, when accumulated, becomes a big one. 

  • Eat Healthy Foods

You shouldn’t expect to get your desired skin if all you’re eating are unhealthy foods. Remember, your body also needs nourishment. The nourishments from healthy foods are the very reason why you’ll be getting your ideal skin. 

  • Hydrate

Never forget to put enough hydration on your skin. This hydration can come in the form of serums, gel formula, essences as well as sunscreens. So, if your goal is smooth and luminous skin, keep an eye on your skin hydration level. 


Koreans adore healthy natural-looking skin. Your skin— whatever color it is— it’s beautiful. You just have to give it extra care, and you’ll definitely see it glow.