Understanding Emulsion Skin Care & Why You Need It.

It’s weird that people rarely talk about Emulsion for skincare, especially since Korean Skincare products are becoming popular.

Emulsion skincare doesn’t only moisturize your skin. It also ensures that all the vitamins are locked on your skin. Plus, it also contains anti-aging agents that can tighten your skin while moisturizing it.

You want to have a smooth and healthy skin that’s free from oils and dry patches? Why not find out how Emulsion can help you.

What Is An Emulsion in Korean Skincare?

Emulsions are water-based moisturizers which are both non-sticky, lightweight and most of all they’re water-based. It’s a popular Korean Skin Care product since it’s hydrating, giving your dry and dull skin, a healthy glow. 

Emulsions are your must-have product if you have:

Aside from that, Emulsions are also excellent for those who have sensitive skin

Emulsions are commonly used as a morning Korean Skincare routine since it’s lightweight and you can barely feel them on your skin.

What does an Emulsion do?

Emulsions provide a lot of benefits that are similar to creams. Mostly moisturizing, hydrating, and skin tightening. The only thing that’s different with emulsions is that they’re lightweight.

Aside from that, Emulsions are formulated to lock in any vitamins you have applied before. This makes the emulsions an ideal finishing step for your Korean Skincare Routine.

Are These Emulsions, Skin Essences?

Definitely NOT.

A lot of people get confused with emulsions, creams, essences, and even serums since these three have similar benefits. These are to hydrate your skin and provides a good amount of vitamins on your skin, enough to give it a healthy glow. 

Creams VS Serums VS Emulsions


Although both products are known to be lightweight, Emulsions are not as light as serums. Emulsions have a similar consistency with creams, but with creams, you can definitely feel that you’re wearing a cream because it’s not lightweight. With emulsions though, you can barely feel it on your skin. 

Mostly because Emulsions can be very lightweight as compared to your regular creams. 

Amount of Vitamins

As compared to serums, emulsions are not as concentrated. Serums contain a high amount of vitamins because they’re formulated to provide immediate nourishment to the skin. On the other hand, emulsions are commonly used for locking in all your applied nourishments on your skin. 

The nutrients that we get from these emulsions are mostly a bonus. But this doesn’t mean that emulsions don’t have nutrients. In fact, emulsions contain more nutrients than your regular face cream.

Why Use Emulsions?

Deeply Hydrating

One of the known benefits of using emulsions is its ability to moisturize dry and dull skin. Now, if you combine this with a serum application, it can help you get that smooth and supple skin. Making it an ideal addition to your daily skincare routine. 

Anti Aging

Aside from its moisturizing and hydrating nature, emulsions are also great for tightening your skin and repairing skin damage caused by dirt and pollution. If that’s not enough, it can also give your skin a youthful and healthy glow. 

Locks in Nutrients

Another great thing about Emulsions (probably the best thing about it) is that it has the ability to lock all the applied nutrients in. Plus, it also protects it on the process. It ensures that all the products that you have been applying are absorbed by your skin. Making it an ideal last step for your skincare routine.

Emulsions for Every Skin Types

If you have an oily skin type, it’s strongly recommended that you choose your Emulsion as your final moisturizer, before you apply your SPF. Since emulsions are water-based, it can get easily absorbed by those who have oily skin. It’s the skin’s way of keeping the hydration level healthy.

It also works great for those who live in hot and humid places. Since it locks in the moisture on your skin, the Emulsion will keep your skin fresh. It is protecting your skin from getting dehydrated. 

However, you have to make sure that the Emulsion you’re using is specifically targeted to increase your hydration. This way, you won’t grow short on the skin hydration. 

Searching for a great skin product that can fit for those who have acne-prone and combination skin is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, emulsions cater to even those who have very sensitive skin. Apply the Emulsion on the problematic areas such as the T-Zone or your whole face to maximize its effect. 

Some products contain hyaluronic acid which provides a protective layer of hydration which doesn’t only protect the skin. It also moisturizes it in the process without stimulating an increase of oil production on your skin. 

If the Emulsion seems to be not enough, you can follow it up with a good cream that is deeply hydrating. This way, you can ensure that even the dry patches on your skin are addressed. 

Plus, due it the hyaluronic acid in the product, it can kill off dead skin cells. Aside from that, it also clears your pores on the process, which is protecting your skin from acne formation. 

If you don’t have any skin problem at the moment and you’re just looking for ways to maintain your skin, you can still use emulsions. Aside from being a moisturizer, it can also protect it from the dangerous free-radicals that age your skin faster. 

If that’s not enough, you can use emulsions, all year round since it’s lightweight, to the point that you can’t even feel it even if you’re wearing it. 

For people who have sensitive skin, emulsions are perfect for you. Why? Not only does it provide an ample amount of nutrients to nourish your skin. It also seeps in deep enough, not to stimulate any redness or inflammation that provokes acne and pimple formation.

Aside from that, it also regulates the pH to moisturize and even out your skin tone. If that’s not enough proof for you that emulsions are good for your skin. It also passed the ‘Skin Irritation Test,’ which makes it perfect for any skin type.

If you have dry skin and experience flaky and dry patches all year round, consider emulsions your lifesaver. Match it up with a good hydrating cream, and your skin will have a healthy amount of skin moisture. 


Emulsions provide an ample amount of nutrients and benefits for every skin type existing. So, it doesn’t matter what skin type you have, if you want to have healthy and flawless skin, you should use Emulsion on your skincare.